Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement in Woodstock, Georgia!


Garbage disposals are electrically powered and installed under a kitchen sink between the drain and the trap. they shred food into small pieces so food can travel through the home’s plumbing system. many homeowners do not realize that garbage disposals are meant to handle light food residue rinsed from plates and utensils before they go into the dishwasher. while cooking a meal, it is likely you depend on your garbage disposal to keep up the drain and sink clean. when your garbage disposal becomes worn or clogged, it can send out an unpleasant odor throughout the kitchen.


large quantities of certain foods placed fown the disposal can clog the drain and sometimes cause it to back up into the space below your sink in your cabinets. these foods include egg shells, coffee grounds, potato peels, carrot peels, banana peels, and more. a good moto to go by is “it can chew what you can chew!”


Towne Plumber’s Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Include:

  • Kitchen Sink Disposal Maintenance
  • Garbage Disposal Repair
  • Garbage Disposal Installation
  • Replace Plumbing Trap
  • Test Garbage Disposal to ensure proper operation

Signs of a clogged garbage disposal:

  • Makes an unusual noise
  • Will not turn off
  • Strong odor
  • Water leaking
  • Drains too slowly

Causes of a clogged garbage disposal:

  • Improper care
  • Lack of flushing water
  • Grinding egg shells, coffee grounds, peelings, or pasta
  • Putting large amounts of food in at the same time
  • Using hot water while grinding food

.a minor repair may need to be done to get your garbage disposal up and working again or you may need to replace the entire disposal. an efficient garbage disposal will make food preperation easier and shorten your time and clean up in the kitchen! 


if you live in the woodstock, ga area including towns of: Canton, holly springs, kennesaw, johns creek, acworth, alpharetta, roswell, & marietta and are looking for help with your garbage disposal, call towne plumber at (770) 257-7503. our train plumbing professionals are here to assist!

When Should I Replace My Garbage Disposal? We can help answer that!

Garbage disposals are an appliance and have a life span like every other appliance. Since we use our garbage disposals daily, over time the daily wear and tear will take its toll. No matter how well it’s made or how much money you spend, any appliance that is exposed to thousands of gallons of running water, soap, food scraps, bones, and the occasional rogue, random object will eventually wear out over time. A garbage disposal that is working well should be able to handle vegetable and fruit slices easily. If your garbage disposal appears to be taking forever to finish a simple job or emits a foul smell, it may be time to install a new one. 

Learning about your garbage disposal and how it works is the first step to decide if it needs a repair or if it needs to be replaced all together. 

When the Garbage Disposal is on but is Not Making Any Noise...

If your disposal is working properly (and quietly), that’s awesome! There are some great units available in the market which are not too expensive but offer great performance and are super quiet. However, if it’s not working, don’t worry. First things first, check if the disposal is plugged in and if it is, press the red reset button on the bottom of the unit. If that doesn’t help, it might be a problem with the circuit breaker. So make sure it’s not tripped and turned off in the electrical panel. In case the breaker is fine and the reset button is not popping out, it could be a problem with either the switch or the overall unit. Unfortunately, if the disposal is not turning on and there’s no noise, it probably needs a replacement. Don’t worry, just give Towne Plumber a shout at 770-257-7503 and we’ll handle it safely and efficiently for you.

Leaking Garbage Disposal

If water is leaking from the disposal it more than likely needs a seal replaced, but it could also be a more serious problem. a leak can occur at the rings that are install at the hole around the sink drain. in this case, it can either be the rings need to be tightened or plumbers putty that is in place is faulty and needs to be reapplied correctly.

sometimes the garbage disposal can get a hole in the case as  the wall wears down, or an object (such as a utensil) can crack the casing. holes and cracks are fairly common in old garbage disposals.

leaks can also happen at the dishwasher connection. the dishwasher connection may need the clamp tightened or a new replacement hose. the drainpipe may also need tightened at the bolts.  if tightening the bolts don’t help, the gasket may need to be replaced. no matter what the situation is, it is best to give towne plumber a call than trying to replace things yourself to make sure it is done correctly and to make sure the problem doesn’t get worse! 

Slow Draining Garbage Disposal

 Most garbage disposals will cut up and dispose of the correctly dispensed objects in seconds. assuming there has been enough time to run and clear the garbage, the garbage disposal may be congested.  we don’t recommend using chemical drain cleaners with a garbage disposal. you will more than likely damage the unit further and end up with a sink full of harsh, toxic chemicals. 

if the blockage doesn’t go down on, call towne plumber and let us assess the situation. we know how to properly remove and inspect the disposal to check for clogs, obstructions, cracks, etc. 

Jammed Garbage Disposal

When something blocks your garbage disposal, you will hear a humming/buzzing sound. unjamming a garbage disposal has varying factors that is the obstruction, what type of unit, type of piping, etc). every one has a functino to shut off when they are stuck to the point of stalling the motor so the motor doesn’t burn out. they’re designed like this so anyone can remove whatever is blocking the unit. underneat every unit is a small slot, and most of them come with a “key” that  matches it. these keys are shaped like wrenches. 


if the key has been misplaced, no need to worry. they have replacements for less than $5! An allen wrench will usually work, too. replacing the motor is the most costly repair for a disposal, so replacing the unit is usually the best bet. if the garbage disposal is jammed and won’t budge after using the key, turn if off and give us a call.

Smelly Garbage Disposal

B some garbage disposal jams can free and the motor gets back to working as it should, but the blades are stuck in one position and aren’t able to spin correctly. this can lead to food being trapped in the blades which causes a bad smell. these blades aren’t able to be repaired, so the disposal will need to be replaced.

if some odors are coming from your garbage disposal, it can mean that it isn’t chopping up food fine enough and the drain isn’t draining properly. if the odor persits no mater how much you rinse and clean it, it may be a sign the unit needs replaced. as the garbage disposal gets more wear and tear, the blades get more and more dull. When this happens, food gets stuck inside and begins to decompose. 

Nothing working?

C If you have tried everything and your garbage disposal is still not working, give towne plumber a call at 770-257-7503 or fill out the form below!

proudly serving woodstock, canton, acworth, kennesaw, marietta, & surrounding! 

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